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How does the municipality checks the plans?

  • The municipality does a feasibility check based on the following rules:
    • Does the plan contributes to one of the themes: sport and games, on the street, a greener neighbourhood or other.
    • Has the plan a minimum of 15 likes?
    • Is the plan meant for the citizens of Benoordenhout?
    • Can the plan be executed within 12 months?
  • The municipality checks whether the plan is not conflicting with laws and decisions made by the city council.
  • The municipality estimates the costs of the plan and checks if it fits within the budget of € 40.000,-.
  • The participatory budget can only be spend once. The municipality has no funds to support a plan’s maintenance and will not contribute yearly. Therefore, the municipality will check who can maintain the plan after execution and if this is (financially) viable.
  • If the owner of the plan’s location wants to give permission.
  • If the plan needs a permit and if so, if the permit can be received.
  • The plan cannot have a distinct religious, political or commercial character.

If the plan is feasible after careful adjustments, the municipality will discuss this with the petitioner. If the plan is not feasible, the plan will not be selected for the allocating round. The petitioner will be personally informed. 


And then?

The citizens of Benoordenhout will receive a letter on March 1 with a voting code. With this code they can allocate the € 40.000,- over the feasible plans they like most. The plans which are picked the most and fit within the budget will be executed within a year.



If you have any questions, please check the frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answer? Please email us via benoordenhoutbegroot@denhaag.nl.

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