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You share € 40,000 among the best plans

To give the residents more say in what happens in their neighbourhood and because they know best what they need there, the municipality is making € 40,000 available. The residents themselves decide what they would like to do with that neighbourhood budget. The municipality has selected four themes under which the plans need to fall. Plans can be submitted up to 13 December.

The four themes for Benoordenhout Begroot

1. Sports and games

Space for sports and games is important to ensure the vitality and health of the residents. A place where children, as well as adults, can freely move in the public space. Do you have any ideas for sports and games facilities in Benoordenhout? Let everyone know and submit your plan. It could be anything from a sports route throughout the neighbourhood for the young and the elderly, more sports equipment for adults or improving the existing playgrounds. Any idea for a more fun and sporty living environment is welcome.

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2. On the street

Do you think Benoordenhout’s public space can be improved? Perhaps a mural or the painting of an electricity unit? Or do you miss any particular features in the public space? Or have you found a way to make the neighbourhood cleaner and safer? Please submit your plans for a cleaner, safer or more beautiful street or neighbourhood!

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3. A greener neighbourhood

Plenty of green is important in retaining an attractive and healthy living environment. Do you have a good idea to make Benoordenhout more green or sustainable? Perhaps a communal garden, the greening of roofs or putting planters in the neighbourhood? Use your knowledge and creativity. Any idea is more than welcome!

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4. Other

Do you have some other idea for Benoordenhout? One that does not fit within the themes of sports and games, on the street or a greener neighbourhood? We would like to hear that too! Maybe you know a way to create more connection between residents. Or maybe you want residents to get to know their neighbourhood even better. Use your creativity!

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What has already been done in Benoordenhout?

Theme: Sports and games

  • Boating on the Neuhuyskade

    A canoe and a kayak were purchased for young people. They can now safely enjoy the warm summer days whilst peddling on the water. This was accomplished through the efforts of the residents, the district office and the neighbourhood association.

  • The Hague Zoo

    You can do a scavenger hunt through Benoordenhout using an app! Use the app to walk through the neighbourhood and collect animals for The Hague Zoo. The app was created by a resident of Benoordenhout.

Theme: On the street

  • The Bernardusschool

    For some years the school has had a team that does various chores. Every week the team goes out on the streets to do chores in the public space. For instance, the children have collected litter and have raked the jeu de boules area. They have also collected and disposed of glass for the elderly so that the latter do not have to carry it around. The pupils are actively engaged in the neighbourhood, whilst the neighbourhood looks even better.

Theme: A greener neighbourhood

  • The Rosarium Benoordenhout

    The Rosarium Benoordenhout, located at the Wassenaarseweg, has a volunteer who takes care of the roses and maintains the park. This is often done in cooperation with other residents. Because roses require quite a lot of care and maintenance, it is difficult for the municipality to fulfil this job with the due care. Hence, with the help of the residents, who put in a lot of love and effort, the Rosarium always looks neat.

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